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November - Department Update

October 30, 2023
November - Department Update

In this edition, our spotlight shines on a critical department, Merchant Services. We delve into a hot topic the team addresses daily—the recent adoption of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Additionally, we showcase the latest talent additions and promotions within the department.

Security Enhancement

The Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system, introduced on August 14, 2023, represents a significant enhancement to our security measures. It's critical to stress the importance of this new security feature designed to fortify user account protection by introducing an additional layer of verification beyond the conventional login credentials.

The MFA process adds an extra layer of security, requiring users to go through their usual login credentials (username and password) and then a secondary authentication method. The secondary method involves a One-Time verification code sent to the user's registered email address. This new enhancement adds protection against unauthorized access and aligns with our commitment to prioritizing your account's security.

Our dedicated Merchant Services department has played a crucial role in guiding our merchants through this transition, ensuring a smooth adaptation to the new security measures.

New Additions to the Department

We are thrilled to present our latest additions to the Merchant Services team:

Name: Charisma Minot: Title: Account Assistant

Name: Mahera Bouzi Title: Account Assistant

These talented individuals joined us in May and have demonstrated an impressive ability to absorb a substantial amount of knowledge in a short period of time. Kudos to Charisma and Mahera! They have been paired with Relationship Managers who handle demanding portfolios, and they're successfully keeping pace with the workload. Keep up the excellent work!

Department Promotions

In addition to our new hires, we're excited to announce well-deserved promotions:

Name: Makarena Napoleon Title: Technical Support Supervisor

Makarena's in-depth understanding of our products, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering dedication made her the ideal candidate for the Technical Support Supervisor role. In this hybrid position, Makarena will continue to manage her existing client base while assuming the responsibilities of Technical Support Supervisor. We have full confidence in her ability to excel in her new role.

Name: Nicole Monge Title: Account Assistant Supervisor

Nicole is a highly experienced employee who demonstrates exceptional proficiency in her role. Her positive attitude and strong commitment are evident in her focused approach to her responsibilities. With eight years of experience in her current position, she effectively supports her Relationship Managers whenever required. We were thrilled to learn that Nicole was eager to embrace a new challenge and is living up to our expectations. In her new role, Nicole has proved her capabilities by completing her first training class in a timely manner. We take great pride in her accomplishments and the skills she brings to the team.