Improve your cash flow by accepting digital ACH payments

ACH Processing, also known as “EFT payments,” transfers money from your customer’s bank account directly into your company’s DDA bank account of choice. UTA’s three ACH solutions offer additional resources that will help turn your sales, credit, and collections departments into a significant profit center.

ACH with Guarantee

Instant Bank Deposit with no return

This ACH Processing solution allows your company to accept payments directly over the phone or online with the same peace of mind you can enjoy with our Check Guarantee program. Our ACH Processing, with a Guaranteed settlement, reduces fraud risk, increases efficiency, and costs 40% LESS than accepting credit card payments.

ACH Deposit

Electronic funds transfers

For payments that do not require a guarantee, save time and money by accepting one time or recurring ACH payments online, in-person, over the phone, or on your mobile device. Not only is UTA's ACH processing significantly more cost effective than wire transfers and credit card transactions, it is just as fast. Convert your Credit and Collection’s departments into a significant profit center by eliminating "the checks in the mail" excuse when collecting a payment.

Canadian Preauthorized Debits

Canadian ach processing

With Canadian ACH, also known in Canada as Pre-Authorized debits (PADs), easily initiate or receive electronic payments from your customers with Canadian bank accounts. This web-based service is designed specifically to accelerate your cash flow by transferring funds denominated in Canadian Dollars quickly and securely into your Canadian Bank account of choice.

Added Efficiencies

By partnering with UTA, you can leverage a convenient and cost-effective solution for managing one-time or recurring Canadian ACH or e-check transactions. Implementing this solution dramatically reduces time and money spent on payment collection. As an added bonus, this solution works with your current Canadian banking relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked ACH questions.

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our products

Check Guarantee

Eliminates the risk of fraudulent checks and collection headaches.

Credit Card

Providing innovation and technology that optimizes your credit card acceptance program.

ACH Payment

Enables you to accept payments from your customer’s bank account quickly, safely in a secure internet environment.

Online Bill Pay

Empower your company to accept ACH or Credit Card customer initiated payments on your website.

Remote Deposit Capture

Scan your checks for instant bank deposits, with no returns.

Mobile Deposit

Guarantee and deposit your company’s payments anytime, anywhere, 24/7 with UTA’s Mobile Deposit solution.

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